Balanced Diet and Exercise

You have heard of balanced diet ever since you are in second grade, maybe earlier than that. Like what your teacher taught you, a balanced diet means a meal which has all the six basic nutrients namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. That’s not all. These nutrients must be in precise proportions in order to truly have a balanced diet.

Since we are on the topic of proportions, the typical daily allowance for calorie intake is 2,000 calories. This may differ based on an individual’s height, weight, age, sex, and physical activity. The allowable intake of fat every day is from 65 to 80 grams. Although balanced diet makes room for fats, you still have to refrain from eating trans-fat-rich foods like McDonald’s French fries. There is no actual limit on the intake of vitamins and minerals especially if they are in the form of fruits and vegetables.

More often than not, your really do not have to undergo weight-loss diets or weight-gain diets. Try having a balanced diet and you will see, and feel, some physical changes. The key is to know what to eat and how much to eat.

Diet and Exercise

While dieting mainly involves food intake, exercise is also necessary especially when it comes to weight-loss diets. The idea of exercising does not exactly bring a smile into one’s face, mostly because it requires physical effort and lots of sweating. On the other hand, exercising does not necessarily point out to strenuous activities.

Walking is a good form of exercise. Of course, you have to put on the proper footwear for this. Walking does wonders for the heart and lungs but if you are doing it wearing stilettos, it will do damage on your legs.

To make exercising more enjoyable, do it with a partner. Exercise with your husband, your friend, your neighbor, your colleague, or if you can afford one, a personal trainer.

Diet and exercise complements one another. They are the two things you have to keep in mind to achieve your desired weight and maintain a healthy life.

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